The installation of the show got underway at the Jewish Museum Berlin on August 30, 2010.

Photo: Jens Imig; source: gewerk design, Berlin

The modules of the traveling exhibition are being installed for the first time at the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Photo: Jens Imig; source: gewerk design, Berlin

The first wall elements (section 2 of the exhibition) are installed.

Photo: Jens Imig; source: gewerk design, Berlin


The technical data of the traveling exhibition are available here.

Technical data

The exhibition covers a surface of at least 800 square meters. Each new installation requires extensive preliminary planning with the curators and designers. At every venue, the exhibition will be on display in the two languages most commonly spoken in the respective country; exchangeable text elements ensure the appropriate flexibility. Modern media moreover permit the presentation of a specific selection of events of particular significance for the venue in question. All items of technical equipment listed below are integral parts of the exhibition.

Required surface area:

Minimum exhibition area 800 m2
(plus storage area for transport packaging = 100 m2)
Height: min. 4 m clearance height
Floor loading capacity: min. 2.5 KN / m2
Rooms without daylight or equipped with means of blocking daylight (e.g. curtains)

Electrical equipment:

Required voltage: 110 – 240 V
Plugs and sockets: CEE 7/4 (“Schuko”)
Total load approx. 15 kW distributed among 35 circuits, each w/ 16 A fusing (slow blow)


Steel substructure consisting of screwed steel frame concealed with MDF panels. Individual display cases and special structures consisting of steel frames and MDF panels. All structures correspond to fire class B1 (flame resistant).

  • 120 modules (1.08 m wide x 2.7–3.15 m high x 0.5 m deep)
  • 93 consoles for mounting on the modules
  • 12 large-scale display cases

Transport volume:

Transport volume (6 semi-trailers + 1 x 7.5 t truck)
Parking space for trailers / truck (approx. 30 by 5 m + space to maneuver per vehicle)
Loading/unloading routes; accessibility: ground level or 1,000 kg freight elevator

Duration of installation / Dismantling:

Installation two weeks (= 14 working days)
Dismantling one week  (= 7 working days)

Media stations:

71 media stations are integrated in the structures:
39 video stations consisting of media player, screen and power supply unit
     (10 x 32" / 8 x 23"/ 4 x 19"/ 16 x 12")
32 audio stations consisting of audio player, listening cup, keypad, power supply unit
All media are “plug and play”, i.e. switched on and off by way of power connection!


The borrower bears the costs of transport, installation, dismantling and architect’s fees for the arrangement of the exhibition in the respective space and the related travel costs. No lending fee is charged.