Postcard 6: Zbigniew Olszewski

»The photograph was taken in the village of Gąski by an amateur photographer named Fysior from the Gąski colony, and I was warned not to show it to anyone or else I would risk the concentration camp. I am the smallest one on the photograph; the other four are prisoners of war.«

Source: Foundation “Polish-German Reconciliation,” Warsaw

Zbigniew Olszewski 1940, Polish forced laborer in East Prussia, the four others are prisoners of war

Zbigniew Olszewski was only 14 years old when he was deported for agricultural work in East Prussia. Until 1942, he was the only forced laborer on his farm. However, in his non-working time he was able to meet other Polish forced laborers who worked in the area.
The photograph shows him with four Polish prisoners of war. Because contact between civilian workers and prisoners of war was forbidden, the possession of the photograph was dangerous for the young Polish worker. Owning a camera and photographing Polish workers was also prohibited, which added to the danger.

In February 1943, Zbigniew Olszewski was sent to the Stutthoff Concentration Camp. Later he was transferred to Mauthausen. The reason for his incarceration is unknown.