Online projects on NS forced labor “on site”

Memory Loops
The virtual audio artwork by Michaela Melián was realized by the city of Munich as a virtual memorial to the victims of National Socialism and encompasses 300 German and 175 English soundtracks on sites of NS terror in Munich in the period between 1933 and 1945.

NS-Zwangsarbeit im ländlichen Raum
Website of the “Projektgruppe Zwangsarbeit” (Berlin), a project group devoted to researching and commemorating forced labor in rural regions. (in German)

Zwangsarbeit im sächsischen Weinbau
A special exhibition of the museum on viticulture at Hoflößnitz shows the relation between the revival of viticulture in Saxony and the deployment of forced laborers in the vineyards from 1933 to 1945. (in German)

Zwangsarbeit in Berlin Friedrichshain und Kreuzberg
A virtual exhibition of the Kreuzberg Museum on forced labor in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. (in German)

Zwangsarbeit in der Kirche
A virtual exhibition of the Bishopric of Limburg on forced labor in the Catholic Church. (in German)

Zwangsarbeit in der Region Rhein-Erft-Rur
The website of the project “” with a virtual exhibition on forced labor in the Rhine-Erft District. (in German)

Zwangsarbeit in Frankfurt am Main
An extensive compilation of articles, documents and photos related to NS forced labor in Frankfurt am Main. (in German)

Zwangsarbeit in Hamburg
An interactive map pertaining to NS forced labor in Hamburg, drawn up by the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Hamburg. (in German)

Zwangsarbeit in Hessen
A virtual exhibition on NS forced labor in Hesse, drawn up by the education department of the Staatsarchiv Marburg. (in German)

Zwangsarbeit in Münster
A virtual exhibition of the Münster municipal archive on forced labor in that city. (in German)

Wypędzeni z Warszawy 1944 – losy dzieci
Reports by first-hand witnesses, photos and documents pertaining to the fate of children in Warsaw, many of whom served as forced laborers.