Applicant at the Polish partner organization, the Foundation “Polish-German Reconciliation,” Warsaw

Source: Foundation “Polish-German Reconciliation,” Warsaw

The Russian partner organization was the Foundation “Understanding and Reconciliation” in Moscow, which was also responsible for compensation payments in Latvia, Lithuania and the CIS countries.

Source: Foundation “Understanding and Reconciliation,” Moscow

In Belarus the applications were processed by the partner organization “Understanding and Reconciliation” in Minsk.

This organization was also responsible for the applicants from Estonia. The photo shows Olga Nechaj, director of “Ljos,” the Belarusian social association of former prisoners of the National Socialist regime.

Source: Belarusian Foundation “Understanding and Reconciliation,” Minsk

Cooperation partners

The exhibition contents were researched and prepared with support from the international partner organizations of the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future.” These organizations were also responsible for processing the applications placed with the compensation program to the benefit of former forced laborers and other victims of the National Socialist regime, and still cultivate contact with numerous former forced laborers today.

In addition to the national organizations in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Czech Republic, the Jewish Claims Conference (JCC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) are also among the organizations involved in the compensation process:

Foundation “Polish-German Reconciliation”
ul. Krucza 36
00-921 Warsaw, Poland

Ukrainian National Foundation “Understanding and Reconciliation”
at the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers
ul. Frunse 15
04080 Kiev, Ukraine

Russian Foundation “Understanding and Reconciliation”
Konnyj per d 4
Moscow 115162, Russian Federation

Belarusian Foundation “Understanding and Reconciliation”
ul. Jakuba Kolasa 39 a
220013 Minsk, Belarus

Czech-German Fund of the Future
Na Porici 12
11000 Prague 1, Czech Republic

International Organization for Migration (IOM)
P.O.Box 71
1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland

Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (JCC)
Sophienstr. 26
60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany