Aid projects, support and advice

Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt.)
A means of researching the fates of former prisoners of war. The so-called “Wehrmachtsauskunftsstelle” (“Wehrmacht Information Center”) holds 1.5 million documents on foreign prisoners of war.

Hilfe für ehemalige Zwangsarbeiter
An initiative of the association Kontakte-Kontakty in Berlin, formed to aid former forced laborers who have not received compensation payments to date. (in German)

International Tracing Service, Bad Arolsen
A means of personal research into the fates of family members. With a collection of more than fifty million documents, the world’s largest archive on victims of the NS dictatorship.

Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”
The EVZ supports a wide range of projects for aid to victims of National Socialism and the commemoration of NS forced labor.

Foundation “Polish-German Reconciliation”
Apart from education and encounter programs, the foundation also finances aid programs for former Polish forced laborers.